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Marine Lighting

Mandarin UK has been providing specialist marine lighting for over 5 years working with two key manufacturing partners in Asia and Europe. We appreciate that marine areas, such as ports and ships, have unique needs and protocols that demand not only the highest quality lighting but also the reassurance of robustness and reliability, not only of product but also of supplier. LED lighting, while accepted for most of the last decade as both a technically reliable and powerful enough alternative to previous dominant technologies for most places of work and public gathering, has been slower to penetrate the marine sector for precisely these reasons. Not only is the consequence of inadequate illumination from, for example, a port high mast or gantry crane potentially hazardous but also the testing and proving procedure is laborious and expensive. The last three years, however, have seen both a sharp up-click in sustainable light levels and a willingness, albeit in part owing to a lack of other options, on the part of the key decision makers to work with LED suppliers on major installations.

At Mandarin Marine we offer a wide range of ultra-high output mast and gantry crane lights, with excellent luminosity and weather proofing to withstand both harsh weather conditions and sea water corrosion. Our most powerful unit has an output of over 250,000 lumens which is currently equal to or stronger than any other marine sector specific light. Smart multi-directional gimbal brackets allow for easy positioning and pointing for maximum coverage of key areas. Sophisticated optics offer a range of beam angles for deep penetration of mist and dust with an average of over 70 lux available at a distance of 200 metres. Our lights are currently installed in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the United States and are now available in the UK. Site surveys and comprehensive light plots are available without cost or obligation.


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We realise, above all, that potential clients need to have great confidence in the products we provide. That is why we offer, not only a 5-year guarantee as a minimum, but also a maintenance and monitoring programme for existing, non-obsolete, lighting. We never recommend the discarding of working lights, even if only one or two on a high mast of five or six are failing. We suggest that these are rotated to other towers with the same technology to maximise their life and effectiveness. We are also dedicated innovators, with R & D a key part of our work ethic. In this regard we are developing, with a target of a launch in late spring, a revolutionary water-cooled LED lighting system with COB diodes capable of over one thousand watts per diode at a fraction of the weight of current alternatives. This project, called Eternal Light, is designed to be not only an almost perpetual light source with, for example, eight discreet luminaires working in harness but with only two ever required at once to light a large area but also an environmental breakthrough, as a single light source can be left in place for, according to projections, up to 50 years. This is our vision. One light for the present and for the future. One light.